About the company

We have been operating on the Polish market since 2006, providing our clients with the support of specialists in the area of analysis, data exploration and data mapping. Direct cooperation with the only official distributor of Informatica Corp. software in Poland allows us to keep a well-trained team of experts. Our experts use the tools provided by the world leader in Business Intelligence solutions, data migration, ETL processes - uploading data to database systems and metadata management.

Our team

Our team consists of both experienced analysts, database experts and young, ambitious developers. Shared passion is what brings us together, we have an enthusiastic approach to broadly defined Business Intelligence and working with data warehouses. We carry out tasks entrusted to us in a professional manner and we are fully committed to them. We are able to adapt quickly to cooperation with our new client as well as specifics of a sector the given company operates in.

Our mission - We implement Ideas

Idea is a keynote which sets goals and establishes guidelines for company's area of operation. The task set before Dimensional is to use skills and experience within the area of Business Intelligence in order to transform an idea into a set of tools supporting the company. Those tools support efficient management, defining accurate objectives and their quick achievement. We deliver simple solutions to the problems, seemingly difficult or even impossible to perform. We implement the ideas of our clients connected with work improvement and increasing profits of the company.