In each effective and operation-oriented company or organization the process of acquiring and processing information constites the basic knowledge about its operation, current state and needs. Thanks to that, not only efficient management, but also creation of profitable strategies is possible.

Nowadays, such information is acquired from electronic data. Organization acquire those data from different sources, depending on company's business profile, and uploads it into less or more advanced databases.

There is a domain, which responds to such needs. This domain has been created at the interface of two branches being of great importance for the business at present, such as management and IT technologies. Business Intelligence is such domain, and it is also called business analysis. Business Intelligence constitutes a system, in which data warehouse is the basis for operation. Data warehouse is subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant and non-volatile collection of data in support of management's decision making process (according to Bill Inmon). Though data warehouse itself is not everything - tools, which enable flexible and quick reporting, connected with an easy visualization are also necessary. Such tools constitute a clear layer for business users in unlimited data access.

Dimensional provides Business Intelligence solutions on the level of IT technology (connected with creating, managing and maintaining data warehouses) and solutions intended directly for business users. We have experience in working with such powerful tools as: