Business Objects Business Objects are Business Intelligence tools used for control, integration and presenting data from different sources, in the form of clear and repeatable reports. BO support making fast and right decisions on the basis of comprehensive, clear and reliable data presented in an accessible form (e.g. a table, graph, diagram). By placing wide functionality in an intuitional and user-friendly interface we obtain a tool indispensable for proper development and functioning of each modern enterprise. Creating reports is the main task of BO.

This process is divided into 4 stages:

  • preparing data
  • downloading data
  • preparing reports
  • reviewing reports

BO stores reports and analyses on servers, which is why current data are available to each user with proper authorisation, regardless of the level in the given organization or location the user is in. A proper information infrastructure makes appropriate data come to appropriate people in the right time. BO also facilitates dealing with distributed data thanks to reporting functions empowering safe and rapid access to appropriate data, in required format.

Advantages of using BO:

  • cost reduction through better and faster decision making,
  • possibility of responding more quickly to changes in an enterprise thanks to an easy access to current indicators,
  • removal of data incoherency thanks to central information storage,
  • better information flow in an enterprise, supporting all activity areas.

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