Informatica Informatica PowerCenter is an application empowering integration, standardisation as well as access to data from different business systems, in a format selected at client's discretion. It is marked by high scalability, availability, performance and stability. Informatica PowerCenter empowers an enterprise to overcome many current problems connected with data governance, e.g. increasing data complexity, increasing demands towards presented data, decreasing budget of IT department.

Informatica PowerCenter is a comprehensive application used in many areas of data management, e.g.:

  • data warehouses
  • data migration
  • data synchronization
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Master Data Management

Informatica PowerCenter includes the following:

  • Repository Manager - a tool used to Informatica PowerCenter objects' management. Those objects are connections, folders, users, mappings, workflows
  • Administration Console - environmental management, data recovery (backup), configuration of services and connections
  • Designer - a tool for creating ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) mappings, i.e. processes loading data from different sources, transforming such data and saving it into target objects (e.g. tables in database or data warehouses, text files)
  • Workflow Manager - a tool used to create and launch workflows (the processes consisting of the given number of connected tasks - a task is a set of commands, actions or functions defining the way ETL process will be performed)
  • Workflow Monitor - a tool that allows to monitor and control the execution of workflows

The advantages of using Informatica PowerCenter:

  • supporting business decision-making processes thanks to easier and faster access to comprehensive data of an enterprise
  • cost reduction resulting from using one set of tools for different types of data
  • cost and risk reduction resulting from a lack of access to data
  • easier and faster detection of incoherent, missing or mistaken data
  • automating ETL processes in a corporation thanks to tasks schedule carried out by Informatica PowerCenter
  • improvement of data analysis thanks to any data transformation and format as well as the way of presenting data
  • compatibility with many leading systems available on the market, e.g. Oracle, SAP, Teradata

The official website of: Informatica PowerCenter