JasperSoft JasperSoft application package is one of the most popular set of open source tools used for creating reports on the basis of different data sources. Jasper tools do not create a full Business Intelligence environment yet, although works on creating such environment are in progress. Currently available elements are focused on the area connected with downloading data from data warehouses, and making results of data processing available in an end user-friendly form. Except for an open source version, a commercial version is also available, based on the same components. The commercial version offers more extended possibilities within creating reports, in particular when it comes to ad-hoc reports created by on-line users.

JasperReports environment consists of few independently developed cooperating applications:

  • JasperReports - Extended set of Java libraries providing mechanisms for launching reports. Libraries can be used in optional Java application, where generation of a report can be launched using API. The report generation consists in downloading data from a source, and then processing such data in accordance with complexity of report project. Eventually developed data are provided in one of many available formats such as PDF, HTML, Excel, Word. JasperReports libraries constitute the basis of remaining applications of Jasper environment. The results of SQL queries, files, or Java objects can be the source of data for a report.
  • iReportDesigner - A tool allowing to design reports in a graphic environment in a comfortable way. It is an editor of WYSIWYG type ? What You See Is What You Get, allowing to create a report using components (text fields, images, graphs, etc.) dragged in its area. Designed report is saved in a XML file, and then compiled. A compiled version of a report is required to launch a report with JasperReports. An editor also offers SQL syntax highlighting, viewing returned data and creators enabling fast generation of a report on the basis of a query. iReport editor is based on Netbeans environment, however recently a version of an editor for Eclipse environment called Jaspersoft Studio has been also created. The company is planning to make Jaspersoft Studio the main tool for creating reports.
  • JasperReports Server - An application in J2EE technology allowing for executing previously designed reports. The application uses JasperReports engine, however the basic difference is that reports are launched remotely on a server using web interface. Users don?t need any software except for a browser. In addition to launching reports JasperReports Server is used for managing users? accounts and the rights of an access to data. Creating launches schedules is also possible, what allows to generate periodical reports. The results of such reports can be available to be downloaded from the server or send by e-mail to appropriate people.

JasperReports is strongly developed all the time, currently the main direction is to create a complete BI platform, and not only reporting tool. New components have already been created, such as Jaspersoft ETL, or Jaspersoft OLAP, which supplement the possibilities of the package with stages connected with data processing and data analyses.

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