MicroStrategy MicroStrategy is highly efficient, advanced Business Intelligence software. Its numerous functionalities ensure daily support of decision-making processes in an enterprise.

Such functionalities include i.a.:

  • acquiring data from data warehouses
  • creating and executing reports of different level of detail
  • presenting historical data in a user-friendly form, adjusted to current requirements of the user (graphs, specifications, tables)
  • executing statistical, financial and predictive analyses
  • executing OLAP analyses (multivariate analyses with the possibility of drilling)
  • tracking and presenting business indicators (management dashboards, score cards)

Advanced technology of reporting, analysing and monitoring, provided by MicroStrategy, can be available to users through WWW. An application used for that purpose is characterized by intuitive and clear interface, thanks to which each user gets quick and effective access to necessary information. Thus, thanks to well-thought-out, complex solutions offered by MicroStrategy, maximum data usage being at the disposal of an enterprise becomes possible.